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Welcome to the second week of elproducto, and what a busy week!

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  • Your Product Team is failing. Do you you know why? Johnathan Nightingale brings us some hard truths and misconceptions within the Product Management world.
  • Inside Spotify’s algorithm. Meet Edward Newett, the man behind the music you discover every week.
  • Position, Position, Position! Ryan Singer on why it’s vital to understand what makes you different, why trade-offs are necessary, and why it can be hard to say No.
  • The ultimate Product Launch list, originally published by Inc, with great commentary by Larry Kim.
  • Some inspiring projects at Product Hunt favourite launches of 2017,
  • Book: The Shallows. How the internet is changing the way we think. The constant shift of tasks that the net encourages makes our brains more nimble when it comes to multitasking. The tradeoff is the decrease in our capacity for deep concentration. Optimizing for multitasking can reflect in better functioning in some cases, although in most of them (creativity processes, productiveness, inventiveness) it will make us less deliberate. We become more tolerant to conventions and we challenge less original lines of thought.

Lately I have been experimenting with different morning routines and plenty of Apps. By optimizing my routine I have managed to work on my personal goals first thing in the morning, have healthy breakfasts, do more exercise, start work full of energy and be more productive. The latest iteration looks something like:

5.15–5.45 wake up. I found out that my optimal sleep time is around 7 hours, so I adjust my wake up time depending on what time I go to bed.

5.30–5.45 tea + meditation. Before going to bed I leave the kettle and a cup of my favourite black tea ready for morning. Sometimes I do yerba mate too. Immediately after (before checking emails and social media) I try to do some meditation. I had been unsuccessfully trying to practice mindfulness for a long time. My inner skeptical kept pushing me back, but I insisted in giving it a try. I found Tara Brach guided meditations too “spiritual” for me, Headspace too dry, but I found a middle ground in 100% Happier App (and the book, which is great).

5.45–6.00 preparing for the day. I start with a 5-minute journaling style (I tried the app, but didn’t find it convenient, now just using a physical notebook or Evernote) which helps me not forgetting what went well, I learned and enjoyed the previous day, setting clear goals for the day ahead and thinking about how they match with my long term vision. I also use Todoist for tasks or objectives I want to complete further ahead in the week, and Coach.me to follow up on my weekly goals.

6.00–7.15 personal projects. I have a huge backlog of objectives and writing topics (from blogging to travel essays and novel attempts) more or less prioritized from which I keep pulling every morning.

7.15–7.45 breakfast + shower. By this time my wife will wake up, and either of us will prepare a fresh juice (usually spinach, cucumber, oranges, lime, apples, strawberries) or smoothie (some of the previous plus banana, coconut yogurt and almond milk).

7.45 or 9.15 go to work! Depends on the day I may have early or late meetings, so I adjust my starting time according to that, trying to avoid commuting on rush hour. If I go late, I will usually stay reading or keep working on my personal projects for a bit longer. On my commute I generally play some Duolingo (trying to learn a bit of Russian and Turkish) or read, and while walking from the station to the office I listen some audiobooks from Audible or Blinkist.

Working on my personal objectives early in the day gives me plenty of free time in the evenings, when I would usually exercise, read or just chill.

For some inspiration on morning routines check out MyMorningRoutine amazing weekly publication, and the books Daily Rituals by Mason Currey and Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss.

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Full-time learner, product stuff, “triathlete” & global traveller. Creating cool products @ Revolut, formerly @ Booking.com and @ Just Eat.

Full-time learner, product stuff, “triathlete” & global traveller. Creating cool products @ Revolut, formerly @ Booking.com and @ Just Eat.