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New year, new challenges! Welcome to the MVP of elproducto.

Very simple. A curated selection of Tech and Product articles and happenings within the last few days from a curious and frequently skeptical Product Manager’s perspective. Find the why at the bottom of the page.

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  • New players stepping in the self-driving car game. It is starting to become easier to count the car manufacturers without plans to build self-driving cars, than to mention the ones pursuing the autonomous drive dream. Last ones to share more details about their plans have been Audi (in partnership with Nvidia), Honda (also trying to get a piece of the hail-sharing cake), Toyota and Mercedes. Renault and Nissan, despite not chasing self-driving capabilities, are partnering with Microsoft in eg. sensors and voice-control via Cortana. But the car everybody has been talking about this week comes from a less known manufacturer, Faraday Future. FF boasts having received 65k reservations for their just announced FF91, despite not even having a price tag yet. Meanwhile, Tesla doesn’t seem too much worried about the increasing competition, as its stock price has been steadily soaring for the last 30 days:

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🤔 Why?

What if I would just do it myself? Being honest, it doesn’t take me much time to save those articles, distil them and share them here. I will be very happy if I manage to help any curious minds with similar interest. Moreover, I hope I will learn something along the way. This is how I came to make this little experiment, a Minimum Viable Product for something I’ve been thinking about for a while already.

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Full-time learner, product stuff, “triathlete” & global traveller. Creating cool products @ Revolut, formerly @ Booking.com and @ Just Eat.

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