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elproducto is a curated selection of Tech&Product happenings within the last few days from a curious and frequently skeptical Product Manager’s perspective.

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  • Wearable shipments reached 33.9M in Q4, according to IDC; up 16.9 percent year over year; Fitbit led with 6.5M units and 19.2 percent market share (down from 29 percent in Q4 2015); Xiaomi followed, with 5.2M shipments; Apple rounded out the top three with 4.6M units and 13.6 percent market share.
  • Amazon says this week’s significant AWS outage was the result of human error; the Simple Storage Service (S3) team was troubleshooting a billing system problem; an incorrect command disabled a larger set of servers than planned; Amazon has modified the relevant tool to limit the amount of capacity that can be removed at one time.
  • Amazon plans Alexa-powered products that make phone calls and function as intercoms; Amazon is reportedly beta testing internally and an announcement is expected in coming months; also working on an Alexa device with camera.
  • China’s on-demand taxi wars. Ride-hailing service Ucar is raising $1B; the Didi Chuxing rival (who acquired Uber China) has so far raised $670M. While Didi relies on private cars and crowd-sourced drivers, UCAR offers its services via an in-house fleet and licensed drivers.
  • Doctors on-demand. Dispatch (iOS, Android) lets users request a healthcare visit to their home or workplace; the service is covered by numerous insurers, and covers a range of common maladies.
  • Welcome to the 21st century, Gmail. Gmail doubles the capacity for received attachments to 50MB; outgoing messages are still limited to 25MB, although larger files can be sent via Google Drive.

🎧 Something to listen

Business Podcasts. Neville Medhora (the man behind KopywritingKourse and a newsletter full of business resources and growth hacks) has made a selection of the Best Business Podcasts in 2017 so far. I endorse the list as I personally listen most of the ones he lists, and if only, I’m missing Freakonomics Radio.

👨‍🏫 Quote of the week

“Every great startup starts as a side project that isn’t anybody’s main priority. AirBed & Breakfast was a way to pay our rent. It was a way to pay rent and buy us time and help us get to the big idea.” — Brian Chesky (Airbnb co-founder), seen at The Upstarts.

👨‍🔬 Things I’m experimenting with

A couple of quick notes for an upcoming blog post following Make Products Great Again thoughts onBuild the Right Thing, Build the Thing Right, Build it Fast”:

Disclaimer: these pieces of art weren’t commissioned to a 5-year old

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