elproducto #8 👉 a weekly round-up of Tech and Product goodness

MVPs vs RATs, Facebook’s AI, Snap’s spectacles, Instagram’s carousel, iPhone’s 3D-sensing camera, Skype Lite, Design for the 5 senses & more.

Welcome to a new week full of fresh ideas and innovation at elproducto.

elproducto is a curated selection of Tech&Product happenings within the last few days from a curious and frequently skeptical Product Manager’s perspective.

“Getting product right means finding product/market fit. It does not mean launching the product. It means getting to the point where the market accepts your product and wants more of it.”Fred Wilson

This newsletter. All the time.

You may have noticed that I publish this newsletter via two separate platforms: Medium and Mailchimp. I also use different channels to distribute the publication every week, mainly social media (Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter) and the platforms themselves (Mailchimp as a mail list, Medium via my contacts network). I have been alternating the links I share on social media, pointing to either Medium or Mailchimp, and looking at several metrics; for example: traffic volumes, sources of traffic, links opened for Mailchimp, shares and likes for Medium, amount of new Mailchimp subscriptions or Medium followers with every post.

I have also been experimenting with the content. I have been looking at new and different sources of information, adding more / less news on certain topics, trying different tones of voice, changing the order of the sections, including more / less personal content, adding different types of content (e.g. videos and audio), etc.

The results are…not there yet. Unfortunately elproducto’s traffic is still quite low to get any meaningful learning (I will not even start talking about statistical significance). However, I have already noted few learnings and a couple of actions I want to take moving forward:

Small pains:

  • Curating a mail list takes way more time than I initially expected. Unfortunately most of that time is taken from what I would otherwise spend on writing my own original content. I have not published any post or article (other than elproducto) since more than two months ago.
  • Medium is not the right platform for starting a small newsletter. Yes, it looks pretty and neat, however: 1) Medium can only help you growing audience within it’s own user base (and your Medium contacts). Until you build your audience, you can pretty much get the same or more exposure from any other publishing platform. 2) Most of my readers are not active Medium users, therefore I’m not getting much benefit from features like Share or Like.

Happy times:

  • People showing interest and appreciation for the hard work. I will be honest: I wanted to give up after the second edition. Then a couple of friends started sharing the link to elproducto out of the blue. Then I started getting the first subscriptions from unknowns. Then people that I admire (for being cool and smart , for their career achievements, for their talent, passion and determination on their fields of expertise, and for many other reasons) subscribed, sent me feedback and shared the newsletter. You are probably one of them. Thank you.
  • I am writing. A lot. Despite not having as much time as I wished for in-depth product posts, elproducto is helping me building the writing habit I always wanted to get into but I never managed to.
  • I am reading. Maybe too much. Before I used to scan through newsletters, Medium articles, social media, tech sites, etc. Now that I have to share the content I spend more time reading properly, not just scanning. I want to make sure I don’t publish crap, for what I need to ensure I understand well what I’m reading and that the sources are reliable.

Moving forward:

  • I am considering changing the frequency. Switching to a bi-weekly format would give me some time to focus on writing original content. As with everything in elproducto, I will just give it a go and test it.
  • I stick to the mail list. I will soon stop publishing the newsletter on Medium. See reasons above. Wanna keep reading elproducto? You can subscribe to the mail list here.

Once again, especially if you made it until here, my most sincere thank you.

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