elproducto #24 👉 a weekly round-up of Tech and Product goodness

EU free roaming, Amazon buys Whole Foods, Uber CEO indefinite leave, Amazon Magic Wand, Twitter redesign, Postboarding vs Onboarding & more.

👩‍🚀 TL;DR

Welcome to a new week full of fresh ideas and innovation at elproducto.

📰 Seen on the news

The EU has dropped mobile roaming charges across member states this week; carriers may still apply fair use limits to certain plans, but additional charges are capped.

📚 Good reads

Psych: a framework to measure the emotional impact of user interactions. Darius Contractor from Dropbox looks at every UX interaction as an emotional event in order to understand how can they play increasing or decreasing funnel conversion.

Full-time learner, product stuff, “triathlete” & global traveller. Creating cool products @ Revolut, formerly @ Booking.com and @ Just Eat.

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