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Eye-tracking Google Search Results, New Apple products, Learning Roadmaps, Google Maps real-time location, Tesla’s solar roofs, Airbnb on China’s & more.

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most of them feel underpaid for the caliber of work they do
  • Sharing screenshots doesn’t need to be a pain. Jason Zimdars from Basecamp shows us a couple of UI design examples aimed to help users sharing screenshots without breaking the in-App experience.
  • How strong is your innovation evidence? The effort put in exploration and validation of new ideas shouldn’t be a constant measure, but rather a curve in which you will ideally move from quick & cheap methods towards more solid and exhaustive ones.
  • Eye-tracking Google search results. Insightful analysis on the recent evolution of Google paid ads within SERP and its impact on users. The article is focused on a Hotel Industry example.
  • 2017, the year of challenging conventions. First we heard about RATs killing MVPs, now we have Learning Roadmaps vs Product Roadmaps. A concept many companies may claim be doing (responding to change vs following solid plans is at the core of Agile), however hard to fit within certain archaic layers out of IT. Keep’ em coming!

“The details are not the details. They make the design.” — Charles Eames

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