elproducto #11 👉 a weekly round-up of Tech and Product goodness

Monetizing voice assistants, Alexa on iPhone, Netflix updates, new iPads, holographic AR, Microsoft’s Slack competitor, bots’ own language & more.

Welcome to a new week full of fresh ideas and innovation at elproducto.

elproducto is a curated selection of Tech&Product happenings within the last few days from a curious and frequently skeptical Product Manager’s perspective.

“We need higher-level concepts to make sense of the morass of low-level details, weeding out the ones that are specific to wetware or just quirks of evolution. We don’t built airplanes by reverse engineering feathers, and airplanes don’t flap their wings. Rather, airplane designs are based on the principles of aerodynamics, which all flying objects must obey.” — Pedro Domingos, The Master Algorithm (great book!)

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