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  • 2016, an annual report for Product Managers. Why? Product Management is evolving as fast as ever. Keeping the pace of technology innovation is vital in a PM role, however fast changes in the environment need iteration on processes too. What? Paul Jackson summarizes this PM evolution with a collection of publications on different fields across all 2016.
  • Best Practices for onboarding by Nick Babich. Why? A good onboarding experiences may pave the way to user engagement from the very moment they start using the App. Understanding what can they do, and more important, what’s the benefit of using the App / Service will be vital for achieving not only engagement, but an optimal user of the App / Service. What? Nick describes a series of best practices accompanied by real-life practical examples on what a good onboarding experience looks like.
  • How Amazon is planning to win India. Why? Indian market is huge, and it is very different from any other market. It is very scattered in terms of social groups, sub-cultures and languages, but every piece of the puzzle could be as big as a medium European market. What? Find here some of the peculiarities of the Indian market, as well as some examples on how Amazon and other companies are leveraging them for good.
  • Shopify’s design trends predictions for 2017. Why? In order to be ahed of the curve in web and design, there are few trends we should be paying attention to. What? An extensive selection of design trends with plenty of resources and material to support the predictions and work upon them. And because predictions can be wrong more often than we wish, here goes a list of the worst Tech predictions in the last 100+ years.
  • Mobile Market 2016 Retrospective. Why? Mobile momentum is higher than ever, and 2016 brought us significant increases in usage, downloads and revenue. What? AppAnnie leverages their comfortable position on Mobile market analytics to bring us a Retrospective of 2016.
  • The ingredients of leadership (4.22). Why? Challenging what we think about leadership can help us identifying where we are and where do we want to get in regards to being good Product Leaders. What? A refresher on leadership with essential truths that can help us to stay sharp whether we are leading a Product, a team or a company.
  • Intelligent failure (1.59). Why? Failing intelligently we can turn failures into learnings. What? Best practices to help us overcome failure in a less fearful way.

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