el producto #79 👉 a weekly round-up of Tech and Product goodness

🎰 The week in figures

225M smart speakers will be in use globally by the end of 2020; compares with 50M at the end of 2017; Amazon and Google are expected to each have 34% market share by 2022; Apple set to have 10%; US currently accounts for 73% of the market, while China constitutes 3%.

📰 What’s going on

Alibaba partners with Marriott to test facial recognition tools for automated guest check-ins; the system scans a user’s face and cross-references it with their picture ID; , room keys dispense when an identity is confirmed; 2 hotels in China will begin using the tech this month.

📚 Stuff to think about

China Internet Report 2018. Abacus, 500 Startups, and the South China Morning Post present an extensive report on China’s Internet landscape and trends. Few highlights:

  • 61 unicorns based in Beijing, accounting for $300B valuation
  • Chinese ecommerce, media and education companies have adopted a Social+ model, where their business is anchored by a social pillar that drives user engagement and growth
  • Goals can be set by breaking down business aspirations into smaller chunks. Should define the success of product. For older products, bottom-up forecasting can help connecting goal to top-line metric. Newer products should use a top-down approach that assesses performance relative to external benchmarks.
  • Goals should be measurable, time-bound and staggered across time frames. To stretch the team, define 50–50 goal as well as 80–20 goals. Goals should be sufficiently high-level and avoid the “how.”



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