el producto #62 👉 a weekly round-up of Tech and Product goodness

🎰 The week in figures

85-88% Apple’s iOS user loyalty rate, vs 89–91% for Android, according to a Consumer Intelligence Research Partners survey of 500 smartphone users.

📰 What’s going on

Amazon launches its first-ever debit card in Mexico; Amazon Rechargeable lets users purchase online goods without the need for a traditional checking account. The move could save the company $250M per year in swipe fees if 15% of its customers used the account.

📚 Stuff to think about

Be a balanced product leader, not a feature blocker or a product dictator. Roman Pichler on how to find the sweet spot between the two extremes.

🍄 #offproduct

Soon you may be able to upload your brain (how it will be downloaded and used tbd). The only caveat is that you will have to be euthanized first.

📜 From the archives

Make Products Great Again. Built the right thing, build the thing right, build it fast. Finding balance in a sea of stakeholders.



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Angel Jaime

Angel Jaime


Full-time learner, product stuff, “triathlete” & global traveller. CPO @ Yayzy, frmr Product Leader @ Revolut, @ Booking.com and @ Just Eat.