el producto #213

🎰 The week in figures

$41.1B: In 2020, mobility tech companies raised $41.1B in VC across 908 deals, entailing a 0.7% increase in total deal value YoY. Early-stage deals suffered a 38.3% drop in fresh capital and completed 29.5% fewer deals, while late-stage deals raised 18% more capital over 8.6% more deals compared with 2019

📈 Q4 financials

Alphabet ($1.3T market cap) Q4 beats: $56.9B revenue, up 23% YoY($53.13B expected); $22.30 EPS (adjusted, $15.90 expected); $46.20B ads revenue, up from $37.93B for the year-earlier period; $6.89B YouTube Ads revenue ($6.11B expected); $3.83B Google Cloud revenue ($3.81B expected); $196M Other Bets revenue

  • Twitter (Tuesday); Expected revenue: $1.187 billion +17.5%; EPS: 0.16 up +6.6%
  • Uber (Wednesday); Expected Revenue: $3.59 billion -11.8%; EPS: (0.55) compared with a loss of 64 cents a year earlier

📰 What’s going on

Amazon expands hand-scanning checkout tech to more of its brick-and-mortar stores; known as Amazon One, the system lets users pay for items by hovering their palm over a scanner; the tech is now in use at six locations, with plans to add it to two more Amazon Go stores in the coming weeks

👩🏾‍💻 Good reads

Clubhouse’s moment arrives. Casey Newton profiles audio social platform Clubhouse; Newton notes the audio quality is mediocre but posits the live nature of the service makes for serendipitous conversations; Newton also suggests Clubhouse works because users can hold talks on an ad-hoc basis, unlike a podcast where they would typically be expected to publish multiple regular episodes

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