el producto #184

🎰 The week in figures

$1.2B: Indian e-commerce company Flipkart raises $1.2B led by Walmart for a $24.9B post-valuation; Walmart acquired a 77% stake in Flipkart for $16B two years ago, valuing the firm at $20.8B; 13-year-old Flipkart recently surpassed 1.5B visits per month; the company saw a 45% surge in active customers in Q1

📰 What’s going on

Airbnb is resuming plans to go public; co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky spoke with employees via video, suggesting the company could list as soon as this year; Chesky explained the firm’s gross bookings have rebounded in recent weeks after being heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic; Chesky also noted the firm could still be affected by future lockdowns

💰 Q2 financials

Netflix ($231.9B market cap) Q2 mixed: $6.1B revenue, up 24.9% YoY ($6B expected); $1.59 EPS ($1.81 expected); the company predicts 2.5M new subscribers in Q3 (5.3M expected)

  • Microsoft (Wednesday)
  • Tesla (Wednesday)
  • Twitter (Thursday)

👩🏾‍💻 Good reads

Product Management in 12 pictures. Paul Ortchanian from Bain Public shares some insightful illustrations on Product Management questions and challenges

🙂 #alwaysbekind

During the upcoming weeks (for as long as the Covid-19 crisis goes on) I will keep dedicating my evenings to offer free consultation / advice / coaching / casual chats to any impacted professionals that would like to reach out. Don’t be a stranger, reach out by DM if you are interested, and let’s help each other. We are all humans after all, and we are all on the same boat



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