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New Apple services, Uber buys Careem, Google dynamic emails, Lyft IPO, Design system at Booking.com, EU copyright laws, Spotify Premium Duo, …

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$3.1B - Uber acquires Middle Eastern ride-hailing firm Careem for $3.1B; Uber is paying $1.4B cash and $1.7B stock; Careem will be a wholly-owned subsidiary of Uber; Careem co-founders Mudassir Sheikha, Magnus Olsson, and Abdulla Elyas will remain with the firm; raised ~$770M to date.

250M - number of players that Fortnite has reached.

8.74% - Lyft debuts on the Nasdaq; the company priced shares at $72 and closed first day of trading at $78.29, up 8.74%; Lyft raised $2.34B with the offering, which valued the company at $24B.

Amazon is developing a free, ad-supported news video app for Fire TV; the company plans to include live and on-demand content from multiple news sources, and has approached organizations about distribution deals.

Google launches AMP for email, bringing its fast-loading Accelerated Mobile Pages standards to Gmail; Yahoo Mail, Outlook, and Mail.ru support the tech; Booking.com, Pinterest, and other companies will use AMP in their emails to users; AMP for email enables dynamic and interactive emails.

Gmail updates its iOS app with the ability to customize swipe gestures; gives users the option to set two of five actions when swiping left or right: Archive, Trash, Mark as read/unread, Snooze, and Move to; rolling out now.

Gmail is removing specific functionality from API integration platform IFTTT; changes to Gmail APIs will see several IFTTT applets turned off; includes “New starred email in inbox” and “Create a draft”; applets for sending emails to self and predetermined addresses will remain.

Google releases Chrome 74 beta; supports Windows dark mode, as well as motion and animation preferences for users susceptible to motion sickness.

Google’s online store leaks information about unannounced product Nest Hub Max: a 10-inch smart display with integrated Nest camera; alerts the user when motion and sound are detected; also supports Duo video calls.

YouTube TV streaming service is now available in all US TV markets; $40-per-month subscription provides access to live news, sports, and shows; also offers DVR features.

Alphabet’s urban planning and smart city business Sidewalk Labs launches CommonSpaces, an app that enables park operators and other officials to collect feedback from community members; designed for simple data export — for visualization, insights, etc.

BBC pulls its podcasts from Google; BBC says Google does not share enough user data and is also supposed to have a license; BBC podcasts are no longer available via Google Podcasts, Search, or Home devices.

Spotify begins testing Premium Duo, a subscription plan aimed at 2 users; priced at €12.50/month; both users must be based at the same address; includes Duo Mix playlist, which is based on a pair’s listening habits.

Spotify acquires Los Angeles-based podcast content firm Parcast; Parcast offers story-based podcasts such as “Serial Killers,” and “Unsolved Mysteries”.

Twitter updates Dark Mode for its iOS app; adds a Lights out mode which only activates required pixels on OLED displays; previous Dark Mode remains (now referred to as Dim); rolling out now.

Atom Tickets, which provides iOS and Android apps for digital movie tickets, announces Atom Movie Access: a platform enabling movie theaters to create and operate movie subscription plans; supports existing Atom features like seat reservations, friend invites, more.

Mailchimp acqui-hired Shopify competitor LemonStand shortly before terminating app integrations with Shopify; LemonStand announced that it would shut down on June 5; the team is now working on e-commerce features for MailChimp.

BitTorent to relaunch its defunct TV service, BitTorrent Live, as a social app; currently accepting applications for beta testers; the app will enable users to share their content with those who share tastes; will no longer offer TV content; Live retains its decentralized, peer-to-peer network.

Huawei partners with South Korean fashion firm Gentle Monster to develop camera-free smart glasses; lets users make and receive calls and access a voice assistant; price unknown, expected to launch in June or July.

Lyft announces Driver Services; provides financial incentives for drivers, including fee-free bank accounts and debit cards with rewards, rental car discounts, more; the company will open maintenance centers where drivers can get reduced rate repairs and washes.

Alibaba acquires team communication and collaboration platform Teambition; terms undisclosed; offers desktop and mobile apps that provide task assignment, a knowledge base, CRM, more

China is set to implement time restrictions on TikTok (aka Douyin) and other short-form video apps; the Cyberspace Administration of China says from June such companies must add a “youth mode,” which will restrict how much content is viewable in a single day; TikTok says its own app will also be unusable between 10 PM and 6 AM.

TikTok owner ByteDance acquires the assets of defunct Brooklyn startup GeoGif; GeoGif created animated, location-specific stickers and overlays for videos; features will integrate with the TikTok short-form video app.

Xiaomi CEO Bin Lin shares a video of a 100W fast charger which promises to provide full power to a smartphone in 17 minutes; time-lapse video compares the charging speed between an unnamed Xiaomi device and a fast-charging Oppo phone; by the time the Oppo device has reached 65% the Xiaomi smartphone has fully charged.

Nintendo plans to launch two new Switch models this year, an entry-level version without detachable Joy-Con, and a second model including premium features aimed at avid gamers; expected announcement at E3 in June.

Ikea showcases its upcoming Sonos-powered shelf speaker; known as Symfonisk, the speaker can be placed in a vertical or horizontal position; an official launch is expected April 9.

The EU approves changes to its copyright laws; known as Copyright Directive, the new rules will let publishers demand payment from content aggregators; platforms will also be required to prevent the sharing of copyrighted material.

A bunch of new products and services were announced:

  • News+, a $10-per-month subscription service that adds full issues of 300-plus magazines, newspapers, and digital publications to the News app; articles are designed specifically for iPhone and iPad, with different layouts depending on the screen; newspapers include The Wall Street Journal and Los Angeles Times; no tracking for ad targeting; subscription includes Family Sharing.
  • Apple TV+, an ad-free, on-demand subscription service offering original, exclusive programming; accessible via the TV app. Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon, Jennifer Aniston, Steve Carell, JJ Abrams and Oprah Winfrey appeared to announce original content.
  • Apple TV Channels, offering bundles from numerous cable and online providers for ad-free, on-demand, and offline viewing; redesigned TV app provides personalized recommendations, notifications for sporting events, a dedicated Kids section, more; TV app update rolling out in May and coming to Mac this fall; will also launch for smart TVs.
  • Apple Arcade, a subscription service featuring 100-plus new, exclusive games at launch; supports iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple TV; all titles are playable offline; no ads, no additional purchases; games cannot track or collect data on users; the monthly plan is a family subscription (pricing undisclosed); launching this fall
  • Apple Card, a virtual credit card fully integrated with Apple Pay; uses ML to display friendly merchant names rather than codes; organizes purchases in categories for expense tracking, budgeting, etc; Daily Cash rewards; works anyplace that accepts Apple Pay; also announced a physical card for places that don’t support Apple Pay; launching this summer.

And this week Apple rolled out iOS 12.2; includes Apple News+, new Animoji, Apple TV control via iPhone/iPad Siri, and more.

Apple also canceled the AirPower wireless charging mat following launch delays, citing an inability to match company standards for hardware products.

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Google’s rebooted robotics. Google principal scientist Vincent Vanhoucke is overseeing a division known as Robotics at Google; Vanhoucke and his team are working on robots that utilize machine learning.

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